About Parrabbola

eightfootsquare is a Parrabbola project.

Parrabbola make community plays – our mission is the empowerment of communities through participative cultural activity.

We’ve worked with communities who are

  • searching for new direction following industrial closure;
  • building community identity to create shared values and sense of worth;
  • building capacity within an existing community in order to celebrate and bring confidence within all ages;
  • celebrating and commemorating a common heritage.

We are a specialist community play company with a very successful track record of working in a range of communities across the UK, and in Europe.

Community plays involve the creation of a piece of theatre by the people, of the people and for the people. That is to say that a community play tells the stories of a local community, and uses performers from that community to tell them.

Every community play is different – because every community is different.

Parrabbola has made plays that cover 1000 years of history, that document strikes and rebellion, murder, love, and revolution. But these stories always come from the community –  we ask people from the community what’s important to them – and what stories they want us to tell.

As well as making plays, we’ve programmed and managed the 2008 Bromley Arts Festival and we direct the World Arts Platform which is a networking and mentoring programme for multicultural artists in Hertfordshire, www.worldartsplatform.org.uk.

To find out more about Parrabbola – contact us on info@parrabbola.co.uk.


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